You are more than the sum of all your parts

In the NHS it’s easy to feel like doctors are only interested in specific parts of you. If you have anxiety you see a psychologist. If you have fibroids, you see a gynaecologist. For your arthritis you visit a rheumatologist. For your sinusitis you get referred to an ENT specialist.

But who is looking at your body as a whole? Having an in-depth consultation with a homeopath provides you with an opportunity to take the time to discuss your symptoms and for the homeopath to understand how these symptoms have developed, how they may be linked and address the underlying cause.

Time to talk and be heard

So often patients leave the GP practice feeling their consultation was rushed and they never got to the bottom of their health problem.
When you see a homeopath, you have in-depth consultations (an hour if needed) during which you are able to discuss all of your symptoms, plus the stresses in your life that might be affecting your health. All the drugs you are taking are discussed.

A safe approach

Homeopathic remedies are provided to support you as a person – with your physical, mental and emotional well-being in mind. Remedies are prescribed for the short term, only while your symptoms persist, never for a life-time. The remedies are diluted to make them gentle, and act by gently stimulating your body to bring its systems back into balance.

While conventional medicines from your doctor give you as much of a drug as you can tolerate, homeopathic remedies give as little as is necessary to initiate a change, rather like the first tiny nudge in a line of dominoes. In this way, homeopathy shows full respect for the intelligence of the human body, and its ability to heal itself.