What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a safe and gentle system of medicine that can help a wide range of illnesses. It was originally discovered by Samuel Hahnemann, a German Doctor over 200 years ago and is now widely used all over the world to restore and maintain good health.

Treating the whole person

One of the main reasons for its success is that homeopathy treats the individual as a whole person, considering not only physical symptoms, but mental and emotional characteristics too. So for example, a person suffering from headaches who is angry and irritable and craving coffee would be given a different remedy from a person who is restless, anxious and has stomach symptoms during his headaches.

Finding themes throughout the body

Homeopathy looks at all the symptoms of the body together and finds themes running through the whole system. For example, a woman with fibroids, warts, sinusitis and benign breast lumps may have a tendency towards overproduction in her system – making too many cells and producing too much mucus. Remedies would be given to address this theme so that all of these physical symptoms may be relieved.

Addressing the cause

Homeopathy also looks at the cause of symptoms – emotional stresses and events that happened around the time the symptoms started. For example, a woman’s headaches started 4 months after her husband passed away. The feelings of loss, loneliness, fear of the future etc. may be the cause of the physical symptoms. By addressing these emotions with remedies, the headaches may be relieved.

Helping the body to heal itself

Homeopathic remedies stimulate the immune system so that the body’s natural healing capacity is enhanced. Thus the body heals itself. Remedies are made from naturally occurring substances that have not been modified or synthesised. They are just the way nature made them.

Diluted for gentleness and safety

Homeopathic remedies are diluted so they are safe and gentle. The dilution process accentuates their healing properties and eliminates any toxic effects that the original substance may have had. They act gently, stimulating the body with as little of a substance as is needed to affect healing. Remedies prescribed by a homeopath are safe during pregnancy, and safe for all ages including babies, children and elderly patients.[1]

[1] "Homeopathy lacks the potential for life-threatening side effects and it may be used in pregnancy and the treatment of infants and children without risk of harm." - "The Safety of Homeopathy” report by the European Council for Classical Homeopathy, January 2009, page 26.
“We have been unable to find any SAE [serious adverse events] or serious ADR [adverse drug reactions ] resulting from HMPs [homeopathic medicines].” - “The Safety of Homeopathy” report by the European Council for Classical Homeopathy, January 2009, page 13.