Exam nerves and low self-confidence:

"Alison was instrumental in helping my 13 year old son to calm down enough to successfully get through his secondary school entrance exams. The acute anxiety he had been experiencing in the weeks leading up to the exams had led to panic attacks and sleeping problems, but they remarkably disappeared with just several doses of the recommended remedies one week before his exams.

 We are so grateful that his fragile state could be turned around so quickly and safely with homeopathy. Thank you, Alison!

(We just received an acceptance letter from one of the two schools that he sat exams for!!) "

-- Mary Ann Perasso, Sevenoaks 

Asthma and eczema:

"After months of chronic eczema on his face, which my GP treated with steroid creams and antibiotics, I finally took my one year old son Matthew to see Alison.

After just one consultation, the angry skin cooled, the weeping stopped and the bleeding dried up. Within a week, all that remained was a scab. It was a miracle! And the eczema has never returned.

Matthew also had asthma, which resulted in several long stays in hospital. As the asthma attacks became more frequent and dangerous, and Matthew was not crawling, talking or meeting his milestones, I returned to Alison. As always, Alison was very reassuring and attentive and took a genuine care in Matthew's problems. She gave me remedies to strengthen his immunity, tone the lungs, and dilate the bronchioles to ease his difficult breathing. As Matthew's lungs became stronger from taking the remedies, his body was able to concentrate on development. Within weeks, several teeth came through, he began to crawl, and very soon, walk and talk. He has since flourished, caught up with his peers, and is a mad little boy of 2 and half now, and into absolutely everything!!!

A huge thank you to Alison for her help, reassurance, time and professional advice and for getting Matthew through such a worrying time."

- - Hayley Brown, Sevenoaks

Hayfever and Eczema:

"Alison treated me and my 16 m old son for hay fever (both) and eczema (my son) and I am thrilled with the results. After years of using hayfever tablets, eye drops and nose sprays to mixed effect, I have finally been able to have a picnic on the grass without constantly sneezing! My son's eczema has also completely gone meaning he sleeps better too. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Alison."

- - Francesca Watson, June 2013


These testimonials do not represent evidence but the personal opinion of the parents who have asked me to help their children.